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Goalie Mask Pricing

Below is a rough approximation of price categories for goalie mask painting. 

Prices do not include Canadian taxes or shipping. Prices are all in CAD.

Basic Design

Basic Designs consist of more solid colours and bold designs. Usually 2-3 colours and on the more simple side with an old school feel. 




Standard Design

Standard Designs consist of logo based designs with a bit more flair and added touches compared to the basic design group. Includes up to 5 colours and can have ghosted details.



Complex Design

Complex designs consist of logos/graphics and images with a more realistic touch. Can include portraits, images of animals and fictional characters. 5+ colours and various ghosted details.



Additional Services and Replacement Parts

Replacement Hardware


Replacement Cages (by request, ordered in)

Screws, snaps, posts, full kits

Light Refurbishing (chip/small crack repairs)

Replacement Parts


Straps (open back, regular)

Chin cups

Padding Kits (by request, ordered in)

Chin Straps

Powder Coating Cages



Black - $40

White - $40

Colours - $50+ if needs to be ordered

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