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(Updated APR 22, 24)

Please note that my schedule is currently CLOSED. I'm putting a pause on booking to help knock down the wait times as I'd like them to be shorter. I will reopen in AUGUST to begin booking in clients for my 2025 schedule. Spots will be first come first serve in August, there is no wait list. 

Please still feel free to message about any questions you have or if you'd like a quote! 

I understand the wait is far from ideal for most people. Being that I'm only one person doing this on my own, I'm limited to how many masks I can take on in a month to keep things moving smoothly for everyone! 


Thank you for all the amazing support and patience! 


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Thanks for submitting! I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible but it may take up to a week!

I am currently working out of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. If you live close, then you are more than welcome to stop by and discuss your ideas or drop off your mask in person, with an appointment only please!

Email is my preferred method of contact as well as Instagram or through the contact form on the left! 



Monday - Friday (9 AM-5 PM, Closed on Weekends)

I RARELY respond on the weekends to give myself a much

needed break to reset and refresh my mind! 


What our customers are saying

"Looks even better in person. Thanks again so much, this has to be my favourite mask I've had done. You never fail to produce such high quality work and I can't wait to work with you on my next one."

- Kyle Dumba

​"Beyond happy with how you worked your magic on my new lid.....

I knew I had a good feeling about you. Top notch skills at an unbelievable price.

Happy Viking in Edmonton.... Can't wait to strap it on. GAME ON!!!!!"

- Dean Boysen

"My mask is a conversation piece every game. I absolutely love it!!!"

-Craig Pack

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