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Design and Airbrushing

     I create all of my own designs based on what you want to have included on your mask. A non-refundable drawing fee/deposit is required in order to begin the design phase, this ensures that my time is paid for if you decide against having your mask painted. Once the design has been finalized by you, you will ship or drop off your mask to my location for me to begin the airbrushing process. Progress pictures are sent throughout the process as well to keep you up to date. Once the mask is complete full payment is required before the mask can be shipped or picked up. Email me for prices and more details!

Light Refurbishing

     I can fill chips (or minor cracks) on your mask as well as equip it with all new hardware, harness, chin cup or cage. I can clean the old foam out of your mask for you as well and I can replace the padding in your mask but I will have to order a foam kit from another source, I do not cut the foam myself. Please email me with photos of the damage and what you would like to have replaced for prices!


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