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Frequently Asked Questions!

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​How much does it cost to have a goalie mask painted?

  • My prices start at $525 CAD ($475 USD) and go up depending on complexity, detail, logos and amount of colours being used. Many mask fall in the $575-$675 range, that being said, it can be more or less, it all depends on the design! Below are some examples of the different levels of complexity and their price ranges. (Canadians - tax is not included in the prices)

Do you remove previous paint or fix damage?

  • Yes, to ensure that my paint is not compromised all previous paint jobs must be completely sanded down at an extra cost. Chips and small cracks will be fixed with a 2 part epoxy resin and glazing putty. Cost to repair can be determined through photos or in person. 

How long do you need my mask for?

  • From the time I get your mask I usually need it for 2-4 weeks, sometimes it can take less time and sometimes slightly more. It all depends on how busy I am at the time or how complex the design is. To prevent the mask from sitting and waiting for paint I ask that you ship the mask once the design phase is complete and I’m ready for it.

Do you provide sketches or rough designs for me to see before I send my mask?

  • Yes. Before you send your mask I like to have the design created and finalized, that way once you ship the mask the design is ready to go and painting can start right away. To begin the design phase I require a non-refundable drawing deposit/fee to ensure that my time designing is paid for in the chance you decide against having your mask painted. This non-refundable deposit/fee goes towards the cost of your paint work, it is not an extra cost.​
  • Once the designing has begun revisions and minor changes can be made until you are happy with the final result. If you decide to change the entire design completely then a NEW drawing deposit/fee will be required in order to start the new design. The previous deposit will not count towards the new design.

Can you paint a picture of my family?

  • At this time I can’t paint realistic portraits of people as I’m still improving my skills in that field. I take pride in my work and would not feel comfortable sending out something that I don’t feel confident in doing. In time and lots of practise I will be able to offer this option!

Do you provide the mask for me?

  • The customer has to supply the mask, that way you can personally make sure that the mask is going to fit properly. You can purchase a mask online and have it shipped directly to me to save money on shipping. If you know exactly what mask you need I can purchase it at my local sports store (Bert and Macs Lethbridge) for you. 

Are you a certified painter?

  • I am currently certified by Bauer, CCM, Protechsport, Coveted and OTNY. Please contact me for more information regarding the models that are paintable. 

Do you offer a warranty?

  • I do not warranty any paint chips from normal wear and tear, goalie masks take part in a very high impact sport and these chips can’t be avoided. I do provide a 6 month warranty period for paint failure (de-lamination) on all projects only if it is proven to be the fault of Schinny Designs. What this means is if the project receives a chip and the paint continues to peel/flake away on its own with little effort, I will repair or repaint the mask free. Does not include structural damage, just damage to the paint. Warranty is subject to my discretion and inspection, warranty will not be granted after the 6 month period or if the affected area has been tampered with. PLASTIC MASKS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER SCHINNY DESIGNS WARRANTY! (Contact for more information as to why!)

What is the best method for shipping in Canada? USA?

  • You can use any shipping method you prefer to use in Canada, Canada Post has proven to be the best so far. I use Canada Post to ship back all my masks to their owners. If you are in the US and shipping to my location I would avoid using FedEx and UPS. Their broker fees for crossing the border are extremely high. USPS seems to be the better method with more reasonable fees. Any customs or broker fees that are charged during the shipping process will be added to the final invoice.